Columbia 26 Mk2
1971 Sales Brochure

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Columbia 26 Mark II


Sail Area
Vertical clearance:

5,900 lbs.
2,550 lbs.
310 sq. ft.

Also available in shoal-draft keel
model with 3'2" draft.


The Columbia 26 is the largest class of 26 foot fiberglass sailboats in the world today. No wonder. The 26 is big in comfort, big in performance, and big in value.

Big in Comfort

  The Columbia 26 offers about 10% more living space than most boats this size. It sleeps 5 in great comfort. 5'9" headroom in the main cabin and much greater move-around room create a comfortable, uncramped feeling below decks. There is also a roomy enclosed head compartment.
  Abovedecks, the broad flush deck delights sail-handlers as well as sun-bathers. The higher freeboard insures safer drier sailing in heavy weather too. and there is even space for an optional inboard engine.

Big in Performance

  One of Bill Tripp's finest designs, the 26 has been a winner in hundreds of races. The wetted surface is at a minimum. The waterline is unusually long. The swept-back high-lift fin keel gives the 26 a huge advantage when sailing on the wind. an extremely high-aspect ratio sailplan puts 310 square feet of sail area where it provides the most power. Control is assured by the deep, balanced spade rudder.

Big in Value
  Standard aboard the 26 are many items usually found only on much larger boats. The galley is fully equiped. This includes stove, stainless steel sink, 13 gallon water tank with galley pump, and insulated ice chest. Dinette equipment is standard, as is fully enclosed head. Cushions are standard for all five berths.
  For complete listing of standard equipment, consult the 24 page “Plans and Specifications” brochure, available free of charge at your Columbia Dealer.
  Over 1500 Columbia 26’s are now afloat. Before you buy a larger boat, or half-heartedly settle for a smaller one, take a good look at the Columbia 26.


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