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January 1972

Every Columbia yacht,and the equipment which accompanies it, has been carefully tested before departure from the factory. Precautions have been taken to make sure that your boat and the equipment reach you in good condition. Spars and booms have been wrapped with cushioning materials and encased in protective polyethylene. Movable parts have been securely lashed to safeguard them in the over-the-road trip to the launching site, and items to be attached and assembled at destination have been tagged or taped for easy identification

Your new Columbia yacht has also been thoroughly factory tested for water leaks at the deck to hull joint, windows, hatches, handrails, and all deck fittings, and was found to be water tight. It is possible that after truck shipment some of the various fastenings, fittings, and windows will require resealing by your commissioning dealer. It is also possible that after a few hard sails, along with the constant exposure to the elements, your boat will develop minor, irritating leaks that can easily be repaired by the owner. For your convenience we have enclosed a tube of an excellent sealant (Boat Life Life-Caulk) which you can use to reseal should it be necessary.

It is the joint responsibility of the commissioning dealer and the new owner to review the boat invoice and to ascertain that all new items listed are delivered and are in the same condition and of the sane quality as specified. Have your dealer "walk you through" all systems on your boat and explain their component parts and functioning.

The Launching & Commissioning Record is a point-by-point check-off sheet of the steps required to commission your boat and will be found on the next page. It facilitates any back-ordering necessary and assures that all pre-delivery warranty work has been accomplished. After going over all points of this check-off sheet with your dealer, please sign it beside your dealer's signature and make sure that it is returned to Columbia Yachts.

Columbia's two year warranty covering all new boats is thoroughly explained in your warranty booklet enclosed with this manual. Please study the terms of this warranty, fill out the Owner's Certificate and the Warranty Registration Certificate, then sign and return the latter to Columbia Yachts. It is equally important that you read and understand the Warranty Claim Procedure, as all warranty work must go through your local dealer.

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March 1974


As of April 1, 1974 all warranty claims will be handled pursuant to the Columbia Warranty Booklet dated November 1, 1973. It is important that the procedures listed below be completed step by step by the dealer before Columbia will reimburse the dealer for warranty claims.

  1. The dealer must fill out the Warranty Claim Request and send it to either Costa Mesa, California or Portsmouth, Virginia, depending on where the boat was manufactured.
  2. In case of an emergency the dealer can call the plant that manufactured the boat and talk to the Customer Satisfaction Department concerning the problem, who may authorize a specific dollar amount to settle that particular warranty claim. The dealer should then submit a Warranty Claim Request form, noting the date of verbal approval.
  3. Columbia will not pay a dealer's warranty claim unless the work and the amount has been previously authorized. It is, therefore, the dealer's responsibility to secure written or oral authorization prior to submitting the warranty claim for payment.
  4. The Warranty Registration Certificate and Launching & Commissioning Report must be returned to the plant which manufactured the boat within 10 days after delivery to be valid.
  5. Claims will be handled by the plant which manufactured the boat.
  6. Columbia will not accept nor pay any warranty claim submitted by anyone other than an authorized Columbia dealer.
  7. All warranty claims must be submitted by the dealer in writing on Columbia's Warranty Claim Report within 30 days of the incident that precipitated such claim.
  8. All authorized warranty claims will be paid within 60 days by check or credit memo from the plant which manufactured the boat.


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